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Honorable Mention #2: WallSmart / Jonas Enqvist (SE)

“Change the color of your walls with a push of a button!” Paint your wall with the “WallSmart paint”, connect with the wall through your WIFI, choose a color from the “WallSmart App”, or browse other user’s color schemes”.

WallSmart is an intelligent, playful and engaging proposal, that, according to nanoscientists in the jury, is technologically feasible. Gone are the doubts and endless discussions with your partner about deciding what color the walls in the house should have. In that respect WallSmart definitively has a unique selling point. The designer also points out that other functions can be added to the product, such as using it for visualizing someone’s state of health, simply by touching the WallSmart-covered surface.

WallSmart deserves an Honorable Mention due to its technical feasibility, its directness in the application of innovative (nano-) technology, its playfulness, and at last but not at least the way the designer visually anticipates the product’s commercial presentation in the NANO Supermarket.

Read the entire Jury Report here. And more about the Nano Supermarket here.

Nano Supermarket at the Dutch Design Week.

Video 1 — Testing the prototype for the WallSmart Nano Paint.

Video 2 — Nano Supermarket Commercial.

Video 3 – Nano Supermarket on Dutch TV News.

Video 4 — Nano Supermarket presented by Kurt van Mensvoort at TEDx Brainport.

People: Jonas Enqvist, David Menting, Next Nature

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